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3S LifeSafeAkademie Nebosh centre 1478, education with Excellency :IG 2 Result 1st OBE 96.5% and 3 rd OBE 90%

Posted - March 28, 2021 | By admin

Common mistakes Learner’s do in NEBOSH IG2 Risk Assessment Report # preparation of IG2 report #successfully passed in NEBOSH IG2.

In Part 1 (b) Not mentioning the following information

  1. sources of information referred such as Internal/External sources of information
  2. whom consulted & spoke to, methods used to identify hazards, What is already being done in terms of acts, rules, regulations, procedures, etc.
  3. How additional control measures decided

Part 2

  1. Writing hazard category which is not given in the Nebosh IG2 guidelines. Not writing clearly hazard, unsafe act/condition and writing unwanted consequences of the hazard.
  2. Not clearly mentioning who will be affected and how and its consequences.
  3. Existing control measures to be written in past tense
  4. Not following of hierarchy of control in writing further control measures and should write approximately 8 -10 points.
  5. Time Scale should be written in days, Weeks, months. Not to be written as daily, hours, immediately. As these measures to be implemented at workplace and they need some time.
  6. Allocating of task to responsible person with clear designation at workplace such as Project Manager, General Manager, HR Manager Safety Officer, Supervisor, and Foreman. Don’t write as Senior Site In-charge, Safety In-charge.

Part 3

Moral Arguments: Not clearly mentioning how an organisation is morally responsible to provide safe & healthy workplace to the workers.

General legal Arguments: Not indicating what are consequences an organisation could face if they are not adhering to laws, acts, rules, regulations set by the government.

Financial Arguments: Not mentioning or listing financial implications the organisation would be facing if they are violating the law of the land.

Justification: –

Action: one high priority action to be selected from additional control measure of one Risk assessment (Hazard Category: Noise)

Specific Legal Arguments: Write ILO Convention, ILO Recommendation, and ILO Code of Practice in three different paragraphs.

Likelihood & Severity: To be mentioned as per the Nebosh sample report with justification.

Part 4:

Review date not matching with date of inspecting.

Not communicating the findings of Risk Assessment to all the stake holders by various ways and means.

Methods of follow-up used to track the implementation of actions to clear hazards.

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