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NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management

Become an internationally qualified health and safety professional! The NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational  Health and Safety is the ideal professional qualification for those who wish to further career growth in the area of occupational health and safety management. It will give you the knowledge and skills that you need to successfully manage any health & safety risk that your organisation faces, including implement the most recent legislation, regulations and standards. This new syllabus are as per the current needs and requirements, by incorporating new areas such as risk assessment, risk communication and information security management making it a comprehensive course in the field of occupational health and safety management.

About NEBOSH IDip Course

NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Qualification. commonly known as NEBOSH IDip. is a perfect choice for professionals who aspires to make career in Occupational Health and Safety. The qualification holds SCQF Level 10 (Equivalent to RQF Level 6) with 48 credits. which is highly recognized. respected and prestigious qualification to enhance and build a successful career globally or internationally. The Level-6 qualification standard of NEBOSH IDip is equivalent to degree which further support the learner to enhance their academic qualification to Master level in the field of occupational Health and Safety. This qualification will support an individual to acquire professional membership of IOSH Graduate Membership (Grad lOSH) Learner is eligible to become full membership (MIIRSM) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).Learner is exempted from sitting for ASP examination subject to all requirements are met of P’ of Certified safety Professionals (BSCP) and leads to CSP membership after completing of the relevant assessments.

Who can do NEBOSH IDip Qualification

The NEBOSH International Diploma is the qualification for aspiring health and safety professionals, building directly upon the foundation of knowledge provided by the NEBOSH International General Certificate.

Its Particularly suitable by:

1) HSE, EHS Professional with relevant experience,

2 Top level, medium level of employees in an organization

3)Quality control Managers, Production managers,

4) Facility managers, H R Managers, Admin Managers

5) HSE, EHS Professional with relevant experience,

6) Top level, medium level of employees in an organization

7) Quality control Managers, Production managers,

8) Facility managers, H R Managers, Admin Managers

Benefits of NEBOSH IDip (International Diploma) to an individual

1) They will contribute to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace

2) They will be able to recognised a range of workplace health and safety hazards and recommend control measures so that residual risk from these hazards is as low as possible.

3) They will bring the leadership to develop workers and improving the overall culture in an organization

4) They will be able to influence and negotiate with workers at all levels to mitigate the concerns of an organization

5) Increase the profitability and business growth

6) Decrease the legal complication and enforcement notices

7) Minimizing the accident, injuries, suffering of the workers

8) Improve the brand image and goodwill of an organization

9) Decrease in employee’s turnover rate (attrition rate)

10) Increase in grabbing the new business and tenders

11) Improve the selection procedure of contractor or supply chains to minimize the occupational business’s risks

12) Improve the worker’s skills, knowledge and performances

13) Develop the understanding about how to links with Corporate Social Responsibility.

14) Control a range of workplace health and wellbeing issues of an organization

Benefits to an organisation hiring NEBOSH IDip Qualified professional

1) Will support your academic and career progression at top management level in the organization

2) Gain health and safety skills and knowledge that are relevant in many different sectors operating across the globe

3) Develop professional skills so you can lead and influence health and safety issues at all levels

4) Hold a qualification that is recognised and respected internationally by employers and  your peers

5) Meet the academic requirements to apply for membership of numerous professional bodies including from IOSH, IIRSM, etc.

6) Achieve a sound basis for progression to postgraduate study 

7) Learner can use the designatory letters IDipNEBOSH in their profile

8) Are eligible to become a member of the NEBOSH alumni and get an opportunity to attend annual graduation awards ceremony

9) Demonstrate a commitment to health and safety, which can ultimately help win business

10) It helps the organization to build in house health and safety expert to develop good standard of health and safety management systems

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The assessments focus on the application of knowledge to help you prepare for the health and safety tasks faced in the workplace.

Assessments Format

The qualification units are assessed in the following way:

ID1 – Know – workplace health and safety principles Assignment - workplace-based tasks together with simulations and reflective statements and a research topic
ID2 – Do – controlling workplace health issues Scenario-based case study
ID3 – Do – controlling workplace safety issuesScenario-based case study

Unit ID1: 6 weeks (30 working days) 

Unit ID2: 4 weeks (20 working days) 

Unit ID3: 4 weeks (20 working days)

Each assessment is a substantial undertaking. We anticipate that it will take you around 60 hours to complete the ID1 assignment and 40 hours each for the ID2 and ID3 case studies. The time-period given for you to complete each assessment reflects this:

All assessments will be checked via Turnitin plagiarism software and you will be required to have a closing interview with after each assessment.

Assessments Registration

Only Diploma learners who have enrolled with NEBOSH through an accredited Learning Partner are eligible to register for Diploma assessments. You must be enrolled before the deadline of the assessment you wish to register for. Please contact your learning partner directly to confirm their 

Assessments Results

You will receive your results 50 working days after the submission date for your assessment. A unit certificate will be issued 20 working days after the notification date for each successful unit.   

Once you have passed all three unit assessments (ID1/ID2/ID3) your combined percentage mark will give your overall grade for the qualification (Distinction/Credit/Pass).  

Distinction 226 or higher 

Credit 196 – 225 

Pass 150 – 195  

A qualification parchment will be issued 20 working days after the results notification date for the third successful unit.   

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Assessments Dates: Release, Submission and Result Notification

Unit Release Date (12pm UK time) Submission Date (12pm UK time) Results notification date*
ID1 14 September 2022 28 October 2022 13 January 2023
ID2 09 November 2022 07 December 2022 24 February 2023
ID3 11 January 2023 08 February 2023 21 April 2023
ID1 15 March 2023 28 April 2023 11 July 2023
ID2 10 May 2023 08 June 2023 17 August 2023
ID3 19 July 2023 16 August 2023 26 October 2023
ID1 13 September 2023 25 October 2023 11 January 2024
ID2 15 November 2023 13 December 2023 29 February 2024
ID3 10 January 2024 07 February 2024 19 April 2024
ID1 13 March 2024 26 April 2024 09 July 2024
ID2 08 May 2024 06 June 2024 15 August 2024
ID3 17 July 2024 14 August 2024 24 October 2024
ID1 11 September 2024 23 October 2024 10 January 2025
ID2 13 November 2024 11 December 2024 28 February 2025

NEBOSH IDip (International Diploma) Syllabus

ID1: Workplace Health and Safety Principles

This unit provides an in-depth understanding of the key areas for managing health and safety. It covers moral, economic and societal drivers, ILO regulation, and management systems.  

  • 1.1 Socio-legal models
  • 1.2 Enforcement
  • 1.3 The International Labour Organization and its conventions and recommendations
  • 1.4 Nongovernmental bodies and health and safety standards
  • 1.5 Third parties
  • 1.6 Insurers
  • 2.1 Organisational structures
  • 2.2 Leadership
  • 2.3 Consultation
  • 2.4 Health and safety cultures and behavioural change programmes
  • 2.5 Traditional and proactive safety management
  • 2.6 Risk perception
  • 2.7 Human failures and factors
  • 3.1 Competence, training, information and supervision
  • 3.2 High reliability organisations
  • 4.1 Hazard identification and techniques
  • 4.2 Managing health and safety risks
  • 4.3 Risk management
  • 5.1 Loss causation and quantitative analysis of data
  • 5.2 Measuring and monitoring
  • 6.1 Professional skills
  • 7.1 Societal factors
  • 7.2 Corporate social responsibility
  • 7.3 Organisation changes
  • 8.1 Contractors and supply chains

ID2: Controlling Workplace Health Issues


Unit 2 gives an in-depth understanding of all major aspects of managing chemical, biological, physical and physiological hazards in the workplace.

  • 9.1 Occupational health and safety services
  • 9.2 Mental ill health, wellbeing, workplace violence, lone working
  • 9.3 Health surveillance
  • 9.4 Hazardous substances
  • 9.5 Health risks from hazardous substances
  • 9.6 Epidemiology and toxicology
  • 9.7 Asbestos
  • 9.8 Ventilation and PPE
  • 9.9 Hazardous substance monitoring
  • 9.10 Biological agents
  • 9.11 Noise
  • 9.12 Vibration
  • 9.13 Radiation
  • 9.14 Musculoskeletal issues and manual handling
  • 9.15 Workplace temperatures and welfare arrangements

ID3: Controlling Workplace Safety Issues

Unit 3 provides a thorough understanding of how to create a safe working environment It covers welfare, fire, dangerous substances, work equipment, electricity, construction and transport. 

  • 10.1 Safe working environment
  • 10.2 Confined spaces
  • 10.3 Fire and explosion
  • 10.4 Fire
  • 10.5 Dangerous substances
  • 10.6 Work equipment and machinery maintenance
  • 10.7 Work equipment
  • 10.8 Machinery
  • 10.9 Mobile work equipment and lifting equipment
  • 10.10 Electricity
  • 10.11 Construction, work at height, demolition, excavation
  • 10.12 Workplace transport, work related driving

Learning Outcomes

The NEBOSH International Diploma has 10 learning outcomes. By the end of the course you’ll be able to:  

1) Source, develop, evaluate and interpret relevant health and safety information and communicate it effectively to those who need it. 

2) Promote a positive health and safety culture by changing attitudes and engaging, supporting, and influencing leaders. 

3) Assess, develop and maintain individual and organisational health and safety competence. 

4) Understand risk management, including the techniques for identifying hazards, risk assessment, control measures, and developing a risk management strategy. 

5) Develop and implement proactive and reactive health and safety monitoring systems and carry out reviews and auditing of such systems. 

6) Continually develop your professional skills and ethics to actively influence improvements in health and safety. 

7) Develop a health and safety policy strategy within your organisation (including proactive safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, and change management). 

8) Contribute to health and safety legal actions. 

9) Manage contractors and supply chains to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. 

10) Advise your organisation on a range of common workplace health and safety issues/hazards.

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