NEBOSH HSW - UK Certificate | Health and Safety at Work – HSW | NEBOSH award level qualification in Occupational health and safety | Get International recognized certificate for better jobs and better carrier | Foundation course for NEBOSH IGC Qualification Level 3

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NEBOSH HEALTH and SAFETY at Work Qualification

Benefits of NEBOSH HSW (Health and Safety at Work)

  • Foundation course for NEBOSH IGC Qualification Level-3
  • Helps to boost up efficiency and productivity by minimizing incidents
  • Helps to make appropriate Risk assessment for respective workplace
  • Make you understand about various hazards and its control measures
  • Helps to establish a good health and safety management system at the workplace
  • Helps to make any accident investigation
  • International Qualification helps in global job placement
  • Highly prestigious award level qualification by NEBOSH


UNIT HSW 1: Management of International Health & Safety

  1. The foundations of health and safety
  2. The responsibility for health and safety
  3. Health and safety risk assessment and control
  4. Hazards and controls associated with work equipment
  5. Transport safety
  6. Hazards and controls associated with working with electricity
  7. Fire safety
  8. Hazards and controls associated with manual handling and repetitive movement
  9. Hazards and controls associated with hazardous substances
  10. Hazards and controls associated with the working environment

UNIT HSW 2: Controlling Workplace Hazards

  • Workplace risk assessment activity

Course Duration: 6 days (20 Hours )

Exam Duration: 1 Hour, MCQ Assessment

Training Methods: Full-Time block release (Class Rooms) | Part-Time (Class Rooms) | Online Virtual Class (Due to COVID19)

Assessment Method

Unit Pattern Total Marks Passing Marks
HSW-1 Multiple Choice 10045
HSW-2 Project 10060

Recommended to

  • Safety Professionals | HSE / EHS Officers
  • Fresher Safety Officers | Skilled Professionals
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Facilities Managers | Admin Managers
  • Managers | Team leaders | Supervisors


Safety Simplified is a new exciting and an innovative course created by NEBOSH. This course provides an ideal introduction to Health and Safety which is aimed to everyone who is wishing to gain knowledge and understanding about how to ensure safe working environment

Benefits of Safety Simplified

  • Helpful to employer to reduce incident and injury rates
  • To foster greater health and safety awareness among employees
  • To improve employee engagement and participation in health and Safety functions
  • To improve morale and lower staff turnover of employees
  • To Enhance Safety culture in an organization
  • To Reduce the personal, organizational and financial cost of accidents and workrelated ill-health
  • To know how to make basic health and safety risk assessment and its appropriate control measures

Who should do Safety Simplified?

  • Everyone in an organization
  • All workers, machine operators,maintenance team, Admin team,Store and warehouse team,
  • Freshers, new employees as an introduction to health and safety

Syllabus of Safety Simplified

  1. Making the case for Health and Safety
  2. Stopping incidents and ill-health before they happen
  3. Stopping incidents from repeating themselves
  4. Dealing with Common workplace Hazards
  5. Keeping an eye on how things are going

Duration of Course: 3 Days | e-Certificate

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