A Noble Profession

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A Noble Profession

Posted - November 15, 2019 | By admin

A Doctor can treat a Patient only when he has some symptoms/disease. Where as a Safety Professional can prevent a employee falling sick, getting injury by identifying hazards & taking suitable Preventive Measures.

Hazards are found in every walk of Life. So we must know how to identify the Hazards at our workplace and find suitable Preventive/Control Measures.

The Primary duty of a Safety Professional in every Organisation is to identify hazards and take Suitable & Sufficient Preventive/Control measures so as to reduce impact of hazard and to minimise the level of risk associated with that .

A Safety Professional must be Trained, Skilled, Competent and demonstrate knowledge in identifying Hazards & taking control measures according to the nature of work so as to and make their work area a Safe zone.

Presently there is great demand & ample of opportunities for Safety Professionals across the World with International Certifications like Diploma in fire & industrial safety ,IOSH MS, NEBOSH IGC.

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