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Common Mistakes in OBE

Posted - January 7, 2021 | By admin

Since the new model of evaluation has been started by NEBOSH, many learners are figuring what is the best strategy in achieving good results in this new model of examination.

In this blog, I wish to highlight a few common mistakes committed by learners.

  • Writing only generic answers without connecting the technical point to the given scenario.Action needed: Each question specifies that you need to either write answers based on the scenario only or else connect whenever possible. If this critical task is not done, you will lose marks.
  • Writing a block paragraph Action needed: Your presentation would be much more structured if you break each point to a small paragraph of 2-3 lines each and even better if you could highlight the key point by bolding them.
  • Writing too less or too much :Action needed: You are advised to stick to around 300 words for a 10 mark question and also try to chalk out at least 11-12 technical points within the 300 word framework.
  • Using only one resource:Action needed: Even though initially you may use a single reference, it is recommended to utilise more resources to add further valid technical points to gain more marks. Avoid these mistakes and ensure a successful result in your IGC exam.

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