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Beware before choosing NEBOSH Learning Partner for Pursuing NEBOSH Courses


Posted on - 15 Oct' 22
By Admin

Dear safety professionals and Students, before choosing a NEBOSH learning partner, be careful about which institute you are going to select for your Nebosh journey.

To pass your Nebosh exam, choosing an institute is the first and most important part of your Nebosh journey. Choosing the right institute means you have cleared your half path of Nebosh’s journey. 

While on the search for your Nebosh learning partner, you will find so many institutes that will offer you the course at different prices, some will be high and some will be very low.

So, it is very much required that you do not fall for any institute just due to their price range. 

The most important thing is what the institute is providing you during your Nebosh journey. Many institutes will give you the course at a minimum price to make you trap to take admission. 

But the fact is what they provide while your learning duration.

Are they giving you the best tutor who is ready to support you at any time out of the class?

Are they entertaining you the same way after your admission?

What is their teaching method? Because Nebosh OBE is not just about having completed the syllabus, but it is about how to write your answers in the examination sheet.

Are they giving you daily homework/ practice for previous exam papers?

Because this daily practice of previous papers will define your capabilities to pass and attempt the exam.

Are they taking mock tests of previous papers to make you able to write your Nebosh exam easily? Because these mock tests are very much important to make you able to write your exam.

Are they giving you fake promises of helping you during the exam? If yes, then be careful, it will make to involve in malpractice and will ban you to write the Nebosh exam in the future.

Before choosing a learning partner, 

*go through their website to check whether they are publishing their results continuously or not.

– Check the name of the institute on Nebosh’s official site to check its credibility.

– Don’t go for just because they are providing you with a low-cost admission fee, as this can result in bad tutorials, no guidance after class, no good course material, no extra classes, no revision rounds, and no motivation, etc.


Don’t waste your hard-earned money on fake promises of helping during exams and save yourselves from getting caught in malpractice. 

Thanks for Reading.


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