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Learn Emergency Response Plan in simple words

Posted - February 14, 2022 | By admin

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Checklist

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What is an Emergency Response Plan

An emergency response plan is a manual that companies use to address many different types of emergency situations. The manuals include:

  • Who to contact;
  • How to act; and
  • Resources to

The priorities for any ERP are, in this order:

  1. Protection;
  2. Safe conduct;
  3. Mitigation/stabilization of the dangerous condition; and
  4. Cleanup of incident, whether this be physical cleanup or

ERPs should address only the highest risk situations. They are critical for high quality responsive risk management. You might call an “emergency response plan” a “catastrophic situation plan.”

Tips for Using this Checklist

Items in this checklist have been listed in the preferred order of completion. We recommend you follow this order when creating your ERP. When reviewing your ERP, you may go in any order you wish, though we still suggest that ERP review should be done in this order as well.

You may use this ERP Checklist when initially creating your ERP, and then on a recurring basis to ensure that all information and emergencies listed are up to date.

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