How To Clear Nebosh IGC Open Book Exam In One Go

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How to Clear Nebosh IGC Open Book Exam in One Go

Posted - November 23, 2020 | By admin

NEBOSH IGC is one of the highly  sought Occupational Safety Certification by the already working / Potential for safety professionals across the globe and giving opportunity for career building in the field of Safety.

NEBOSH open book examination is different type of testing the ability of a Learner on the skill of understanding the concept , way of writing answers with  proper connection with asked questions ,  implementation of your safety knowledge in the paper perfectly with scenario.

Passing of NEBOSH IGC depends upon the following criteria :

Selection of Best Nebosh Learning partner.

Should have good basics of Safety and understanding of Concepts taught in the   by the faculty.

Answers  should only be written according to the   questions asked with
respect to the Scenario.

. Each and every line of given  scenario must be read and understood correctly before writing answer.

Technical points and keywords should be picked from books and should be well connected with scenario.

Write the answers within  word limit with better presentation

selection of words should be appropriate.

Do  practice of minimum 3 to 4 previous question papers get reviewed by Nebosh Certified Tutors and after review must write once again write the mock paper correctly as per the  guidance of your tutors.

Write the technical points cream according to mark alloted to question .it should not be less than marks alloted
Each answer should be well connected through given scenario .

You should not repeat the technical points in same answer.

Now  NEBOSH IGC open book exam  is  easy to pass when compared to traditional exam,  if you go through Scenario with proper understanding of concepts &  it’s correct implementation with asked questions using technical points / keywords according to alloted marks/no. of words with respect to each question.

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