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How to select good institute for nebosh

Posted - October 25, 2021 | By admin

Dear all NEBOSH Certificate Aspirant,

If you are planning to take admission for NEBOSH Certification please be careful toward selection of institute as well fraud going on in the name of IGC certification please read this complete article to know reality how few learners are spoiling a very good method of examination that is Open Book Examination (OBE) .Please ensure that NEBOSH centre is authorised or not by visiting the NEBOSH site.Find out the tutor , Way of teaching take one demo classes , Practice round ,Revision classes do not decide on criteria of fees only .

Do not take admission on the name of fake promise of giving help in exam .Reality is they will give some technical points of asked questions which are already present in book , If you hv gone through classes you can easily find out the things very easily within few minutes . It will not make you to pass NEBOSH . So you cannot blame to institute they have not help during exam and inspite of giving extra money on name of help u failed in exam . This is reality going on and we are receiving so many calls regrading such stories .

Do not try to give extra money on name of writing paper by others , Just ask some questions with urself only

. 1 What is the guarantee who will write exam instead of you will write each paper correctly be careful who has passed out old syllabus not necessarily they will write correct OBE as earlier exam was memory based this exam is your presence of mind based .

2. What is guarantee they will write only your paper they may be taken the charges for 5 more people ,only one day of time not able to write so many paper simply copy paste from here and there exchange answers and you will received malpractice notice and get ban for 3 years. Then what you will do ?? .  Just ask this question with your self ? .

3. Suppose if any registered institute or non registered will take admission ok I will help u and after admission that they will not help then what you will do? . You do not have right to claim for any wrong practice you can claim any where for right one .

4. You are, technical diploma holder ,science graduate , or graduate then if u passed all these tough exam then what is rocket science behind this NEBOSH IGC having simple concept of safety ,book u can open ,can take google help instead you do not have believe on ur capabilities and instead of that ready to spend unnecessary money time n taking risk this is ridiculous .

6. Do not think recruiter as fool they are smarter than you ,by chance if you arrange certificate by malpractice they all know about OBE and they are ready to take such type of interview which easily filter the qualified or non qualified person
Remember certificate never give you job they will help you to reach at interview knowledge gained for certificate make you to pass interview .without knowledge certificate is piece of paper

5 . Select good accredited institution ,take class under expert tutor ,prepare mock test , Do daily homework really then it is very easy to pass incase , If u refer again once u write n pass with distinction

At last do not spoil beauty of Open brain exam which is not depend upon your memory it is depend upon ur observation skill , Your understanding , Your presentation skill , Your practical knowledge or your analytical power .Try to experience it really you will enjoy this one month of NEBOSH practice and examination journey
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Best of luck
3S life safe Akademie

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