Lockdown And Covid - A Risk Or An Opportunity?

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Lockdown and Covid – A risk or an opportunity?

Posted - April 29, 2021 | By admin

We are facing a pandemic which has affected us in many ways. However, is it only risks or does that bring us any opportunity too?

Well, yes it does bring opportunity too. Lockdown is the best time to utilise for gaining knowledge, improving your education whether you are an individual job seeker or a corporate company employee who wishes to grow in your career.

3S Life Safe Akademie offers you with a wide range of corporate programs particularly in the below mentioned areas and lockdown is the right opportunity to learn and enhance your knowledge.

1. Covid A-Z (prevention, biological aspect, practical measures)
for Construction industry and workers (4 hours virtual training program) based on WHO & CDC principles.
Training covers:
a) High risk Biological hazards that affect industries such as legionella, leptospirosis, covid-19
b) Virus types, Coronavirus origins and history, past pandemics in history
c) Covid-19 outbreak, spreading pattern, symptoms and precautions for China variant
d) Covid-19 Second wave, mutations, new symptoms, new precautions,
e) Covid-19 future predictions, emergency preparedness, precautions for future 3rd wave controls
f) Hierarchy of risk control for Covid-19, Swiss Cheese model risk assessment for Cov-19

2. BBS (Behavioral based safety) for construction, manufacturing and other industrial employees and managers. (4 hours virtual training program)
Training covers:
a) Basic Principles of BBS safety
b) Concepts of Job related factors, individual factors, organization related factors in BBS
c) Local culture and its impact on safety culture
d) How to address and improve BBS safety, tackling issues from the root cause
e) Human error vs human violation

3. Stress and mental health management at workplaces.
Training covers:
a) Detection and assessment of work-related stress and mental health issues
b) Factors affecting stress at work
c) Precautions and control measures for reduction of work related stress
d) Best practices to reduce stress and its impact

4. Environmental and sustainability management. ESG and CSR goals for managers. (4 hours virtual training program)
a) Concept of aspect and impact in environment management
b) How to assess aspect and impact in your organization
c) Best practices from ISO 14001 and IEMA
d) ESG, CSR, how to align your organization with ESG goals.

5. Job seekers basic safety induction (for individuals and freshers searching for jobs especially in construction, civil, mechanical fields)

a) Basic safety knowledge
b) Emergency procedures and your actions
c) Housekeeping, Japenese models
d) Job searching techniques and tricks

Target audience: Corporates who are looking to enhance their safety, health and well-being towards their employees for better growth.

Contact 3S Life Safe for more information.
www.lifesafeacademy.com or contact @7975371948

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