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How to pass NEBOSH igc , Is nebosh is too difficult to pass ?

How to pass NEBOSH igc , Is nebosh is too difficult to pass ?

Posted - August 21, 2021 | By admin

Hi safety professional
Daily we are getting lots of message that they failed in NEBOSH IG
We know it is very difficult to pass exam but if your mentors, process of tutorial classes and preparation is good it is easy to pass also .
During admission learners are only asking about fees and extra certification .they are not focussing towards quality of classes, method of prepration ,mode of teaching ,tutors knowledge or skill , that is also one reason to fail nebosh in first attempt .
After taking regular classes of 10 to 20 days whatever institute are providing if you will submit to all nebosh aspirant please submit 3 to 4 previous OBE before exam and tell your tutor to evaluate them ,they are expert they will guide you very well ,if you are scoring more than 60 then go fr exam otherwise just take brake again prepare and give exam with confidence .
Everywhere learnres are passed or failed ,it is our observations after several reminders learners are not submitting the even single answer of previous exam paper ,not coming for revision classes ,some may be dependent on their previous passed friends some may be not giving priority to nebosh over their regular work and some are with over confidence .in these cases learner got failed .some few cases only are also there even after so hard work n regular practice they failed that is really painful for learnres as well as institiute .
this is OBE passing not depend upon ur memorization skill it depend upon ur presentation skill ,ur depth knowledge towards topic ,ur observation and understanding skill.
3S life safe Akademie is directly approved centre for NEBOSH or IOSH ,since only 2 and half year of establishment of nebosh centre they are giving a very good percentage of results as compared to any big institution . even now topper with 91 ,87 ,85 marks are coming from this institute .They are more focussing towars unlimited Classes with expert tutor with preparation round before giving exam .if you are not prepared they are giving extra unlimited classes until or unless you have not prepared .for that they are not charging any extra amount also . They teaching techniques is totally different from others they are more focussed deep concept of topics techniques used during exam .
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