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Safety at Home

Posted - September 14, 2020 | By admin

Since the out break of the pandemic , most people globally have been spending more time at home . This also means one has a higher likelihood of being exposed to basic hazards arising out of electricity ,fire ,environment conditions present at home.

In this situation ,it is very important to be aware of what are the possible hazards and risks within our home environment .This could range from an overloaded extension board to an inadequately lit room ,inadequate extraction of kitchen smoke to a slippery bathroom floor ,house dust exposure, manual handling activity causing musculoskeletal illness. It might be surprising to find that we could be potentially exposed to so many hazards even at the comforts of our homes.

Our task is to identify each and every possible hazards ,evaluate the risk level, and chalk out solution and control measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable and safe level that will make our home and its inhabitants safe in all aspects .interestingly , risk can be measured and even represented numerically for easy understanding and management .
Safety professionals like us are equipped with the right tools to enable you do the same and elevate your safety including physically and mental aspects both very well.

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