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Woman as a Safety Professional

Posted - March 15, 2021 | By admin


Sky is the only limit for Women. By virtue of their existence women are multi-skilled. They are managing home, their children, looking after husband, managing home expenses as a professional. Today govt of India is talking about Women Empowerment; Women have excelled in all the available domains. Women have proved themselves in all the fields such as Pilot, Astronaut, Doctor, Engineer, Scientist Entrepreneur, Officer in Armed Forces, Police, Sports, etc. There is no profession in the world where women are not working.

When we talk about Safety as domain, women have limited presence here. It’s absolutely a misconception that Safety is a male dominated. It’s purely due to the lack of awareness and guidance women have not penetrated into this profession.

When women have proved themselves in all other professions they can really leave a mark as a Safety Professional too. As we know many young women are opting Civil/Mechanical Engineering during their graduation. In spite of having better qualification they land in ordinary jobs (Not related to their domain) due to lack opportunity as Civil/Mechanical Engineer in their respective field, this is called under-employment. We need to advise and educate them  as they are technically qualified it will be added advantage for them to work as Safety Professional if they do a short term International Safety Certification.

On many occasions women have proved better men in many professions. They have capacity and capability to manage the things in better manner. Women can walk shoulder to shoulder with anybody and everybody.  It is learnt that women have started showing interest in Safety domain also. But in many cases they are not able to take right decision due to the lack of awareness, guidance, mentoring, etc.

We at 3S Life safe Akademie are promoting women learners with providing discounts in fees, better guidance and education to see them as future Safety Officers, Safety Engineers, Safety Mangers in Indian and foreign Multinational Companies across various sectors. Finally it’s the time to recognize skills, abilities of women and harvest their potential in Safety domain also.

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